How to Draw Chibi Tinkerbell

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Start your chibi Tinkerbell drawing by making a large circle for her head, and then add the guidelines for her face, and body like so.


You will now sketch out the actual shape of her chibi face, and then begin drawing out her hairstyle starting with the bangs, top, and back of her head. When that is done, you can sketch out her shoulders, arm, and torso.


Draw in her bun, and then draw the big shapes of her semi Asian style eyes with that little cat effect at the ends. Finish drawing out her body which is also her clothing, and then draw the left arm, and both hands.


It's now time to finish off Tink by drawing out her eyeballs, color in her pupils, and then draw thin lines for her eyebrows, and mouth. Don't forget to sketch in her wings, ear, dress line, and then her legs and feet or shoes. Yes I even added the p   


This is what your chibi character looks like when all is said and done. Now you can color her in and be on your way to more drawing fun. Thanks so much for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw chibi Tinkerbell.

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November 10, 2010

Description: Yesterday when I was making tutorials for Dragoart, I felt like drawing another chibi character in the form of a popular Disney figure that we all know and love. So after careful thought, I finally came up with the perfect person to upload as a lesson. Today I am going to teach you "how to draw chibi Tinkerbell", step by step. This version of Tinkerbell is so incredibly cute it almost makes me want to cry. There is so many possibilities when it comes to creating, and drawing some of your favorite figures in chibi form. The best part to making chibi characters from your favorite figures, is the way you can create them to be perfect or imperfect, it's really based on your preference. The time it takes to draw chibi Tinkerbell is incredibly short. There is no way you will be spending a lot of time on this sketch even if you are just a novice artist. I think you will find that drawing Tinkerbell chibi style, is going to be one of the funnest lessons you will follow today. I guess that does it for this description. I will meet you all back here in a bit with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what else I have in store for you all. Adios people, and enjoy your artistic day!

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