How to Draw Chibi Sasuke

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In this first step you will draw out the shape of an egg for this Chibi's head. Then you will add the facial guidelines to help keep your eyes, nose, and mouth in perspective. Next draw out the shape of the body which kind of looks like a can. After    


In this next step you will first draw out the outlines for his hair style which looks like a mess right now. Then you will make two rainbow shapes for his eyes and then a curvy line for the mouth. Now start working on getting his arms and shirt drawn   


When starting this step you will first make those sharp edgy looking lines to finish off the hair all around. Then you can complete his left arm and detail the lollipop with a swirl in the middle. The ninja star will also get it's first detailed lini   


Start this step by finishing off the lollipop and the wrinkle lines on his left sleeve and undershirt. Next give this chibi some eyes and then draw the symbol on his headband as shown. Detail and define his shirt and right arm a bit more as well as h   


This is the last drawing step and you will now shade in Chibi Sasuke's eyes and detail his headband and hair some more. After that you can start erasing all the guidelines that are visible which you drew in step one. Next draw the rest of the detaili   


See how cute he looks when he is all done. Good job everybody that was excellent. Your drawing should look something like the one you see above. If not don't worry just try again until you get it right. When you are done just color him in and wipe yo   

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August 12, 2008

Description: This first tutorial of the day is going to be on another Chibi anime character. You will learn "how to draw Chibi Sasuke", step by step. A lesson on “how to draw chibi Naruto” would also be sweet, but we will do Sasuke first. Sasuke happens to be a very popular character from the Japanese anime series Naruto. As you may know if you watch the show, he is one of the main characters of this anime/manga show. Japanese anime artist and creators come out with the coolest characters. For instance take the name Sasuke, how awesome does that sound when it comes out of your mouth? This character is obviously a male and I think he is still in his teens but I could be wrong. His name was pasted down to him from the great legendary ninja "Sarutobi Sasuke". The characters from Naruto kind of remind me of the characters from the Final Fantasy movie Advent Children. They all have those same eyes and facial structure. If I haven’t said anything before, I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I think that is why I like watching Naruto. Now, Sasuke’s last name is Uchiha which means “paper fan” in Japanese. The paper fan is the symbol of the Uchiha Clan. I wanted to draw the Chibi version of Sasuke because I think he makes a cute Chibi anime character to learn how to draw. I guess you could say that I’m hooked on this whole Chibi phenomenon that is going around. Drawing chibis is very addictive, especially when it is a Naruto character. I just can’t resist how adorable they are. They remind me of those rag dolls that they use to sell that were tightly stitched together. This is going back years of course. I remember my grandmother had a couple of those dolls that is what made me bring that up. Anyway, the real Sasuke is an attractive young man that has a lot to learn. His hair color is like a dark blue or navy blue. He wears a headband that bears the symbol of the leaf village. Since he is cute in regular form, why not make him in Chibi form. I know you will all have fun learning “how to draw Chibi Sasuke”, step by step. Like always the detailed instructions help keep you on a straight path to help you draw your very own Chibi anime character. I will back with another tutorial later, so peace out people and keep drawing till I get back. If you want to, you can try out another chibi lesson I have that teaches you how to draw chibi Naruto step by step. I think that should help make time go by.

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