How to Draw Kakashi Hatakes Face From Naruto

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Start this first step with the basic guidelines and shapes to form a solid frame for him. Start with a big circle for his head and draw out the guidelines starting right in the middle of his face. Now start sketching out the outline for his wild and    


Now in this next step you will first finish the lining of his hair and then draw his headband as shown to you here. When drawing the headband make those wrinkled crease lines that are on the sides of the headband. Now you will draw out the lining of    


In this step you will draw out the shape of the metal bracket and emblem on the front of his headband. Next give him some ears which are in the shape of half peanut shells. Now draw out small circles for his eyeballs and then detail his nose. You wil   


In this step you will first erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. After you are done with that you will start detailing the metal frame on his headband with three tiny circles on each side and finish the emblem. Now shade in    


When you complete your drawing of Kakashi he should come out looking something like the picture above. As you can see I shaded some areas that you can replicate as well. Color him in and that it you are finally done. That ends this tutorial on how to   

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August 10, 2008

Description: Hello all and welcome back to another fun filled online tutorial here at Yesterday when I submitted those two tutorials on Kakashi, I forgot all about the face I drew of him without his ninja mask on. I was going threw my drawings today and came across the image. I was like “oh yeah, that’s right”. Another words, I forgot to put him up. So that is what this tutorial will be about today. You will learn how to draw Kakashi Hatake’s face. I was going to include this image with the tutorial of his full body drawing but I thought it would make a cool learning experience for those of you that want to learn more on drawing faces. He was pretty easy to day to say the least. The only hard part with this drawing was the anime style of coloring I did on him. I tend to take a long time when it comes to coloring my final drawing. I really tried to make Kakashi look like a real anime cartoon and personally, I think I accomplished my goal. Yeah maybe I did make his hair a bit too high but hey, that gives him character. Besides I wanted him to have my own personal touch instead of a typical drawing of him. My favorite part of his face is his scared eye. I think it came out so cool. After I was done with this image I have to admit I patted myself on the back. I know many of you must have wondered what Kakashi looks like without his ninja mask on, and now you know. Even though almost all of remember seeing him with no mask at some point in the anime series, it’s like you just can’t remember when and what exactly he looked like. This tutorial will show you in detail how to draw Kakashi Hatake’s face step by step with easy to read instructions. After you are done you’re gonna say to yourself “wow, that was easy”. Soon after that you will be drawing a lot more Japanese anime faces everyday. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I will be back again with another very soon. So keep your eyes peeled and your pencil ready. Peace out!

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