How to Draw Chibi L

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Start this first step with the guidelines and shapes of Chibi L. Start with a big circle for his head with the facial guidelines drawn in. Next draw out the guidelines for his arms, legs, hands, and feet.


Here you will start the lining for his hair style which is kinda long in the front and it hangs around his eyes. Now you will make out the shape of his lower face and then draw out the lining for his eyes and mouth. You will now give him cute stubby    


In this step you will make his hair all wild and spiky looking. Give him his eyeballs and then continue on to drawing out his body which includes his legs and arms. Now make sure that you sketch in the wrinkle and crease lines. After you are done you   


All you have to do here is color in his pupil and detail his hair. Then you will draw a line under each eye. Sketch in some wrinkle detailing on the shirt and pants some more and then give this Chibi some toes. Erase all the other guidelines to clean   


That is it you are done. How easy was that huh? Easy I know. All you have to do now is color him in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Chibi L from Death Note. I will be back tomorrow.

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August 15, 2008

Description: Okay enough with the Chibi wrestlers for today. Lets switch it up a bit with a different type of Chibi, how about I teach you all "how to draw Chibi L" from Death Note. I like this character because he comes across as being so mysterious. Not only that, look how cute he is in Chibi form. Now L is know as being Light Yagami’s arch-enemy and he is often sitting in an odd position like he just seen a ghost or something. And it always seems like he is crouched in a corner and he is too scared to come out. L almost always snacks on sweets, and he holds objects in a weird way too. Like I said, that is the main reason why I like him. Watching L is almost comical I think. I mean have you ever seen any person or a detective for that matter do the things that he does? No, you haven’t. Even though L is known as being the worlds top detective, he acts like he is in a mental hospital half the time. What I really want to see is Death Note the movie. Now that looks like it would be a good flick. The problem with me watching the movie version of Death Note is; I can’t find it anywhere. I think I might have to order it from F.Y.I or something I mean this is getting ridiculous. Anyway, I wanted to do this tutorial because I thought that L would look cute as a Chibi and I was right. I will show you how to draw Chibi L from Death Note step by step with easy to follow instructions. If you get confused just read the directions that I have provided for you to help guide you along your drawing process. I will be back again tomorrow kiddies. Until then, keep drawing and stay creative.

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