How to Draw Chibi Kakashi

Artist: Dawn / August 11, 2008

Step 1.

Okay first things first. Start this step with a`medium sized circle for the chibi's head and then draw facial guidelines in the middle or a big "+" sign. Next make a hint of a nose and then draw a straight line for the neck that goes right down the m   

Step 2.

Now what you will do is start the shaping and drawing process of the jagged style hair. After that draw the outline for his headband as shown and then the lining for his eye. Next shape out the face and begin drawing the shape of the stubby arms and    

Step 3.

In this step you will draw out the bangs of his hair and finish off the headband. Next draw the line for the ninja mask and detail the eye and nose a bit. Now you are ready to start adding the details on chibi Kakashi's jacket starting with the colla   

Step 4.

Now the first thing you will do here is draw out the shape of the metal bracket and emblem on the front of his headband and then finish off those two pieces of hair off to the right. Next draw him some gloves on both hands and then detail his pockets   

Step 5.

This is the last step of drawing and the first thing you will do is erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Add the detailing shapes on the headband and shade in his eye and under his nose. Detail the pockets a bit more   

Step 6.

When your drawing is totally done you should end up with a chibi Kakashi that looks like this. All you have to do now is color him in and wha la you are done. That does it for this tutorial on how to draw chibi Kakashi step by step I will see you wit   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 11, 2008
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Description: Hello again boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back for my second tutorial of the day. If any of you are anime/manga fans I know you must have all loved the last tutorial I put up on Kakashi from Naruto. Well I have something better for all of you out there that are just learning how to draw. Today, I figured that there are members and passer byes that come to this site and try to draw from the tutorials that are labeled intermediate or advanced. And I also know that some of the people that come here are not good at drawing yet and wish that they could draw a character that they really loved. Having said all that, I figured it would be a cool idea to submit a tutorial on "how to draw Chibi Kakashi". I chose Kakashi as my first famous character because he is a very popular anime character from the hit manga series Naruto. The regular Kakashi I drew and submitted was awesome but also difficult. I didn’t want that to stop somebody to try and attempt to draw him because I believe that practice makes perfect. Since these Chibi characters are becoming more and more popular as we speak, Kakashi makes a perfect looking child version of his true self doesn’t he. As I mentioned before, this type of drawing style was developed to make any character (from anime, cartoons etc.) to look small and chubby, have stubby arms and legs and a body with an over sized head. What this drawing technique does is make these characters look like small children. Chibi anime is the most popular of all. I’ve seen Chibi InuYasha, Chibi Sailor Moon, Chibi Dragonball Z characters and even Chibi Pokemon characters. All you do is pick one of your favorite anime characters and draw them in a small short stubby version. Anyway I hope you will all enjoy learning "how to draw Chibi Kakashi", step by step. He came out adorable and he is easy to do. After you are done learning how to draw Chibi anime with this character, you should be able to do anyone you want. All you have to do is follow the easy to read instructions and you should be all set. Remember, take your time and be patient. Peace out.