How to Draw Naruto Kyuubi

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First, start off with the essential guidelines that make up this character. I would suggest starting from the head circle and work your way down to the wire frame for the torso, legs, and arms. Once you've finished that, draw the guidelines for the t   


Next, draw the outskirts of the head and arms. This is important if you want to succeed the completed drawing. Take your time while you draw this so there is less chance for mishaps. I would suggest starting off with the head and onwards to the arms.


Then, draw the inside facial details for the ghost-like appearance. Draw the fur from his back and the legs that protrude outwards from his lower abdominal area. Draw the left leg where the last strand of hair ends.


Next, draw the cool and ravaging hands that curl inwards onto the ground. Draw the rest of the legs as well. If you didn't notice, there is no details inside of the body because he is basically a "spirit" which has only small detailed markings that f   


Lastly, finish off the curled tails that create that epic roaring pounce! The tails are so amazing looking that it seems it's containing all the power inside, ready to unleash. Take your time drawing these tails, they're crucially important.


Here you have the line art that flourishes its inner wisdom upon you. If you took your time and drawn the guidelines like you were suppose to, then your drawing should be similar to this. If it doesn't, don't worry, there's always time to redraw it.    

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January 17, 2018

Description: Hey everyone, I was really inspired to work on a cool tutorial based on a Naruto demon. In this tutorial, you'll be learning ”how to draw Naruto Kyuubi step by step”. Most people who are fans of this particular anime love the monster that Naruto transforms into when enraged or powerless. Usually, this form is triggered when Naruto seeps back into it as a last resort power. One of my favorite types of creatures that he epicly turns to, is basically the four tailed fox spirit. He looks really cool in this form and so powerful. If any of you noticed, one of my tutorials which is the “anime demon”, looks very similar to this fox demon spirit. I really dig the look of this creature so I was inspired to draw an “anime demon”. Anywho, I don't exactly remember when Naruto transforms into the four tailed fox spirit. I recall watching a fan animated short film and he was battling against Sakura with Sasori controlling him. I think it was a made up plot line so don't quote me on that. The drawing was a great experience to handle, I had a lot of fun drawing the tails, hand poses, and the pose composition overall. I used a reference picture just to capture the true – menacing power of the four tails. The coloring was a real treat to come by. I used mostly airbrushing techniques to get that “enraged” crystal-ish quality that steams around him while in fox spirit mode. When you ”draw Kyuubi”, you will want to focus mainly on the facial features and the tail composition. The true form of this creature comes from the aurora of the body and the tails. It sort of reminds me of the “Nine Tails” from Pokemon as well; just in a more natural and pure form. Well, it's time for me to flee onto another drawing tutorial. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun learing "how to draw Naruto Kyuubi"!

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