How to Draw Chibi Sailor Moon

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Okay start with a circle for her chibi style head and then draw the facial guidelines. Next draw the two small circles on each side of her head for the hair-ties that she keeps her ponytails in. Attach two lines for her stylish hair, and then draw ou   


You can now start sketching out her hair style in the front and then draw the butt end of the sword as you see here. You will draw out the shapes of her eyes and color in the pupils. Add eyebrows and draw out the shape of her face. Start the lining f   


Here you will finish off chibi Sailor Moon's hair style by drawing out her ponytails and then adding some detailing to them as well. Draw out and detail the hair-toes and then finish drawing her sword. Finish the shape of her arm ad then move to the    


As you can see you will only be working on the upper part of this chibi's body. You will draw out the shape of her torso and then draw her right arm and sleeve as well as the sleeve detailing. Draw the bow on her suit and make sure that it comes out    


Okay now you will start sketching out her skirt as you see here and then her belt. The shapes of her skirt look like blades.


Here is your last step for Sailor Moon and as you can see all you have to do his draw out the shapes of her chibi legs and then detail them to show that she is wearing boots. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then move   


Your chibi should come out looking like the one you see here. Color her in and your lesson on "how to draw chibi Sailor Moon step by step" is complete.

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August 28, 2009

Description: I am really excited about this next tutorial that I am going to be submitting for you all. Last year I did a lesson on an anime/manga character called Sailor Moon or Usagi Tsukino. She came out so pretty and the lesson itself came out to be really simple too. I was going through my anime section on the site to see which characters would make awesome chibis. I came across Sailor Moon and knew right than and there that she was the next anime star that I wanted to turn into a chibi. So that is what this tutorial is going to show you today. I am going to teach you “how to draw chibi Sailor Moon step by step”. She came out looking so incredibly nice and really bright. I love how the colors came out as well and her body position and pose. Whenever I draw a chibi character I like to draw them in an action stance or even just holding something. For the chibi Inuyasha, he is always so still anyway so I didn’t bother drawing him out in any special pose. For Sailor Moon I drew her right hand on her hip and her left hand is holding her pretty pink sword. To me she came out simply marvelous. I think you guys will enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw chibi Sailor Moon" step by step. Unfortunately, I do have to break away from this lesson because there is a lot more for me to put up. I will be back later with one more chibi character and other lessons for your pleasure. Peace out gang and happy drawing!

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