How to Draw Chibi Riku

Artist: Dawn / November 8, 2010

Step 1.

Like most tutorials, you'll be needing to ready yourself by drawing the preliminary structure to create the entire character. In this chibi anatomy, you're presented with a very slim body and a 3/4 sized head compared the overall height of the body.    

Step 2.

Next, work on the symmetry of the eyes and how they're grazing on the viewer. In this case, you want to direct the attention to the dazing eyes and mischievous smile. We want to go for a thickened look for the lids so they look super seductive and a    

Step 3.

Then, let's work on the body composition. This chibi Riku is styled with a slim body, geared toward fangirls to fangirl their pants, sorta. The style of the arms will be needing initial thinning to contrast the bulky hands. Remember, the reason why h   

Step 4.

Next, it's time to start pimpin' out Riku with his ultra baggy clothes and his flared vest. Adding small dots for nipples and belly button would be best, since they're very minor features. You want major details to be thickened and noticeable. Rememb   

Step 5.

Lastly, add a few finishing touches and you should be all set! Another thing, when drawing hair, you will want to keep it a few centimeters away from the skull so it doesn't seem 'glued' to the scalp. Finish off by drawing the pupils and lower lids.    

Step 6.

Aha! This is what your finished drawing should resemble. You can erase the lines you initially drew from step one to create a bit of cleanliness for the paper and the drawing! Feel free to share your new drawing to your friends and to brag about Drag   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 8, 2010
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Description: Yes, so I've tempted myself to create another tutorial, this time based on a chibi version of a character from Kingdom Hearts. The new video game has been released and I figured I could do a tutorial especially for all those heart throbbing fans who sob for Riku's presence. In this cute lesson, you'll be learning “how to draw chibi Riku”, step by step. Unlike the traditional quite and modest character, I decided to spice up his character and add some 'smexiness' for all the fangirlies to squeal their wits! I am really pleased on the outcome of this character and his lovely pose. I hope you folks will too! In the future, I plan to chibi-tize other characters from the Kingdom Hearts series. Drawing Riku's face was probably the most tedious work besides the arms that flare into large man-paws (personally, the style fits very well with the overall 'seductive appearance'!). Let his smexy glare flicker back into your soul, drawing you into a deep daze of Riku hypnosis! Since he always wears his shirt half buttoned, I thought maybe it's time to have it flashing his skeleton-like body xD. He's rather shy that he's revealed so much of himself. The monotone blues actually drag in a mood of hypnosis, thus the reason why I added all the blue tones and bits of red to add sugar. Anyways, I'm not going to spice up this text with fan girl talk any further. Let's move onto the lesson so you can “draw chibi Riku” yourself! Well peeps, have fun with this lesson as much as I did! Thanks a lot for viewing and good luck!