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How to Draw Glass

Artist: Dawn / November 10, 2010
How to Draw Glass

Step 1.

Now before we jump into the tutorial drawing itself, let's take an advanced look to what builds the broken glass. The arrows point to two things. The first pointing to the core of the broken area which fleshes out into tinier shards and patterns. It'   

Step 2.

The smaller the patterns, the more detailed your drawing will seem. Drawing diverse sizes and shapes of shards will essentially create more realistic and noticeably broken glass. The core of the impacted area, has tinier pieces and spans out into la   

Step 3.

Looking at a broken piece of glass is something to evaluate before you tackle on drawing a scene where glass is involved. Here are two figures that feature thickness and how it should be progressed in a drawing. Figure 1 features a very thick shard t   

Step 4.

When tackling a broken impacted area as if something created a hole, there are different ways to recreate this. 2.Large shards that create the middle core can span in different directions and shapes. 1. Take a look at how the core shards seem to 'spi   

Step 5.

Alright, let's exercise the skills you learned from the tip steps above. First, let's draw the middle lining that travels into the core. You can limit yourself to drawing only a few large shards that span into a strange pattern. By adding more large    

Step 6.

Steadily, add the pattern of the shards. It's best to work your way from the middle and fleshing further outwards to avoid confusion. Pay attention to where you place small shards and the level of detail added.

Step 7.

Then, finish off by drawing the rest of the shards, keeping in mind the initial pattern. Please take your time and avoid going into the 'rush zone'.

Step 8.

After cleaning up your lines by erasing the guides and other visible mistakes, this is what your drawing should result to. You can feel free to add this onto any drawing where glass has been impacted. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial as I had   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 10, 2010
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Description: Hey guys! I've got an awesome lesson today that will show you “how to draw glass”, step by step! There's many different ways to draw this particular object and what I present to you in this tut is basically broken glass; since it's pretty much of what's expected in a “glass tutorial”. The actual drawing took me a while before I fully rendered the image so it looks more like realistic glass. I guarantee this will help you out, mainly on drawing the shards featured and where to place them. If you're looking for a tutorial on just a glass cup, then I'll link to it in the tag page below this description. There was a lot of time and patience put into this tedious tutorial, especially on the individual shards featured in this lesson. I show you basic tips on different views and types that will definitely hone your drawing skills for maybe scenes, characters, or other things that will suit your desires. I must have spent around 1-2 hours on this drawing, certainly because of the complexity. Anyways, I have to move onto my other lessons that I'll be submitting tonight. One of them is awesome for all you Disney fans! Honestly, I had a lot of fun drawing the character, as it was fun color coding the image as a whole.Well, thanks so much for viewing this tutorial on “how to draw glass”, step by step, and good luck! Don't forget to post your version on how you used the tutorial.