How to Draw Chibi Oshawott, Oshawott

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Start by making a large circle for Oshawott's head, and then draw in one face guide as well as another circle for the body.


Draw out the actual shape of the face. This should include the lump for the cheek, and the two small horns on each side of the head. Now the horns seem to be flush with the head lining so keep that in mind.


Here you will use the face guide to draw in the large eyes, and as you notice they are oblong and pointed at the top. Sketch in the brows, and then draw the oval shaped nose. End this step by drawing in the mouth and freckles on the cheeks.


Now it's time to draw out Oshawott's body which is very small and petite. Draw in the shell on the front of the torso, and move to step five.


Now draw in it's arms and tail, and that's basically it for this step.


Finally, draw out the feet which are close together, and then you can begin cleaning up the drawing.


This is it, the finished drawing of Oshawott. Now you can color in your drawing and be on your merry way to something new.

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September 4, 2011

Description: Well guys, I wish I had more for you all but the truth is I don’t. Yesterday I wanted to take a day off from drawing but I did save a tutorial that was supposed to be submitted yesterday. Instead of uploading this lesson on "how to draw chibi Oshawott", step by step yesterday, I figured that a cute lesson on another chibi character would be appreciated. The actual tutorial is going to be easier than normal, and if you’re looking to create something cute and epic, chibi Oshawott is the lesson for you. This Pokemon figure in regular form is also adorable, so you can imagine how sweet it is in this state. I may be back later in the day with some more drawing fun, but that all really depends on how long it takes me to get done with Live, and completion of something else to put up. In the meantime though, you can tackle this lesson that will show you "how to draw chibi Oshawott", and when you’re done you can add this sketch with your other chibi Pokemon drawings. Thanks guys and have fun!

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