How to Draw Carnage from Spiderman


Are you ready to get started with drawing Carnage? Good, start with a circle for the head, a torso guide shape, and then the arm guides followed by the shoulder and hand guide shapes.


Begin sketching out Carnage's head shape followed by the jagged lining of his upper gum where his teeth are.


Next, draw the wide open mouth, then draw in the sharp pointed long teeth. Draw the bottom jaw shape, then move to step four.


You will now sketch in the stretched tissue that is connected to the mouth which is also called tendons. Draw the eyes using a crooked stroke, then move along to step five.


Let's get started with the neck shape. Sketch out the width like so, then sketch in the shoulders, very muscular arm which is flexing as it is bent in a grabbing pose. Add detailing to his arm, then proceed to step six.


Finish drawing the arm which is the forearm, then draw in the hand and extra, extra long fingers that are almost the shape of knives. They should be long and pointed.


Add definition and detail to the arms which is only a couple lines. The muscles should come through.


Sketch out Carnage's bulging torso or chest shape, then thin out the waist as you tapper out for the bottom part of his body. Also add definition to his chest.


Begin drawing the other hand by making the thumb.


Here you will draw in the rest of the fingers which are four, then move to step eleven.


Draw Carnage's arm starting with the bicep, then draw the forearm.


And lastly, you will now define the entire body or at least the lower half of his body. This includes the stretched muscle looking tissue along the stomach, waist, and body. Once you are done you can erase those mistakes and guides.


Here is the finished product. Color in Carnage any way you see fit. I hope you liked this lesson on another Marvel Comic character.

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June 3, 2014

Description: Here is a tut that you guys have been waiting for. It's a concept that I drew while I was live on, and having said that, here is "how to draw Carnage", step by step. Carnage has always been one of my favorite Spider-Man villains and I think it's because he is so raw, and mean looking. The body, face and concept is almost identical to Venom, the only differences is the color. Anyways, have fun drawing Carnage folks and be sure to let me know if you like what you see.

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