How to Draw Young Anime Girls

Artist: PuzzlePieces / June 17, 2014

Step 1.

Anime girls are short and they have smaller limbs and body,though their heads are usually a bit on the large side, though not too big that you're drawing a chibi character.

Step 2.

They have large eyes and little round ears. Their noses are small and turn up a little and they also have little mouths and a smaller face and chin.

Step 3.

They have small hands and short narrow fingers.

Step 4.

Their feet are small and on the short size, looking a little pudgy.

Step 5.

Now that we have the tips out of the way, we can get started in on trying them out. We'll start off with a base; a box for the chest, triangle for the pelvic and a circle for the head with lines for the neck, arms and legs.

Step 6.

From there we'll draw out the shape of the face and the neck.

Step 7.

Then we'll draw in the face, giving her a cute little expression.

Step 8.

Now we'll start in on the hair, drawing in her bangs and the hair on her head.

Step 9.

We'll pull the rest of her hair into a ponytail, having it sway off to the side.

Step 10.

And then how about a cute bow to hold it up.

Step 11.

Now we'll work on putting some clothes on her, starting with her shirt. Let's give her shirt a bit of a collar and give her some puffy short sleeves.

Step 12.

Now we're going to draw in a bow on the front of her shirt.

Step 13.

Then we'll give her an undershirt so that she's not showing off her midriff.

Step 14.

Now a skirt. We're gonna give her a pleated skirt so we'll draw the details of the pleats along the bottom.

Step 15.

and then we'll draw in the the details of the pleats on the skirt.

Step 16.

Now for some legs.

Step 17.

and some poodle socks and feet with shoes.

Step 18.

And then some arms.

Step 19.

And there you have it, How to draw a cute little anime girl.

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Description: Hey everyone, I'm back with some new tutorials for all of you so settle on in for some drawing time. This time I've got a tutorial to help you draw some adorable little anime girls. I've even included some tips for you to use.