How to Draw a Grizzly Bear

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Okay start this first step with a circle for the head of the grizzly bear and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw an oval shape for the body and add the limb guidelines which include the arms and legs. You will also add the shape of a small eye   


Now you need to start sketching out the jagged lining for his back and hind legs as well as the front arm. Next, start drawing out the face with a roaring open wide mouth and two lower teeth. Add a nose and then start drawing in the claw nail lines.


Finish sketching out the jagged hair lines for the grizzly's fury body as you see it done here. Add more detail to the paws and claws and then draw the front teeth. Define the nose with nostril holes and then sketch out the shape of his head. As you    


Here you will sketch out the snarling wrinkle lines on the muzzle and then detail inside of the mouth. Add all the jagged fur lines all over the body and then add the claw lines on the feet of the grizzly bear. This is a rather easy step to complete    


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is add the remaining fur detailing lines and then finish off the clawed foot. Erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


This is what you're finished drawing of a grizzly should look like when you are done. Just color him/her in and you have just finished this lesson on how to draw a grizzly bear step by step.

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April 7, 2009

Description: Intimidating animals have always been a scare factor when it comes to dealing with certain species in existence. I could name a dozen of different animals that are on the top list of being the world’s most dangerous and feared of all time. Having said that let me tell you what I will be doing a lesson on right now. I will teach you how to draw a grizzly bear step by step. I know I have a tutorial already on a black bear, but black bear and grizzly bears are very different in a lot of ways. First off the grizzly is a subspecies of the brown bear. The reason why they are called a “grizzly” is because they have grayish tips on their body hair. They are massively large animals that live in northern America and they tend to live as solitary animals in the wild. The only way they live in groups is if the female has cubs, then you can say they live as a family. The best place to watch a bunch of grizzly bears feed would be in the peek feeding seasons in the Alaskan fishing spots with lakes, rivers and streams filled with mouth watering salmon as they swim upstream toward the claws of this great bear. What the grizzly bear looks for in these salmon is the fatty meat that will keep them fulfilled through the winter months while they sleep in their hibernation slumber. These powerful animals have a diet that consists of nuts, berries, roots, fruits, and even leaves. I know what you’re saying, “why are they called carnivores if all they eat is vegetative growth”? I know it may seem that grizzly bears don’t eat meat, but the fact is they eat fish and other animals such as rodents, deer, and even moose. Yes these animals are very large in size and despite their size they can run speeds up to thirty miles per hour. Unlike the black bear, they are potentially dangerous to humans because they are often surprised by them which are very dangerous when a mother is with her cubs. Grizzly bears are not abundant in numbers. In fact there are only about one thousand left in existence in the United States which means that they are now listed as being in the threatened status. They weigh a bit over eight hundred pounds and are about five to eight feet in size. When in the wild grizzly bears live to be 25 years old which is not too shabby, but then again how many bears do you think make it to be twenty five? Not too many. Anyway this tutorial will show you how to draw a grizzly bear step by step. I shall return with more lessons in a bit so keep your eyes peeled and try not to get too afraid of the grizzly bears face when you draw it.

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