How to Draw Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas


Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. You will then add the guidelines for the face and limbs.


Define the shape of Barrel's face and draw in the small ears.


Create the big, egg shaped eyes and add a dot in each one for the pupils. Also add the nose.


Give Barrel his bog wide smile.


Now add those big grinning teeth.


We will start to draw the body next, but first give Barrel his neck and then go ahead and draw the torso, arms and hands.


Go ahead and draw in the legs and give Barrel those monstrous looking feet.


We will draw the pumpkin trick or treat pail and then the handle.


Decorate the clothes by drawing ribs and leg bones on the shirt and pants. You will also draw in the jack-o'-lantern face on the pumpkin too.


If you had mistakes, erase them now. When you're done, color Barrel in.

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August 24, 2020

Description: I think the last lesson I will upload today is this one on how to draw Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas, step by step. Barrel is considered to be the dumbest of the Boogie Boys. He is the one that is shorter, rounder and dressed like a skeleton holding a pumpkin head bag. Anyways, There are only a few more lessons to upload to complete the category for Nightmare Before Christmas character so enjoy this one as you wait for the others.

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