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How to Draw Shock from Nightmare Before Christmas

Artist: Dawn / September 2, 2020
How to Draw Shock from Nightmare Before Christmas

Step 1.

Make the guidelines and shape for the body frame of Shock.

Step 2.

Draw in Shock's long face shape which is also her mask.

Step 3.

Next, before tackling the face, draw out the witch hat that she wears and be sure to make a droopy tip for the hat. Once that is done you can draw in the pointed ears and sprigs of hair shooting out from the sides of the mask. Now you can draw in the   

Step 4.

Draw in her body, neck first and then the hands.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw Shock's legs and feet then erase the mistakes.

Step 6.

That's it, you are all done. Now color her in.

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AleisterC · 7 months ago
im trying to favorite this for later but it wont let me, do you know why?
Dawn · 6 months ago
Should be all set and work now
ghostfreak · 7 months ago
updates to the site. It will be fixed soon. thank you.
AleisterC · 7 months ago
thats fine i just created this account so i wasnt sure if it was something i was doing. Thank you!!
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 2, 2020
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Description: I said I was going to upload the last character from the Boogie Boys crew so here it is. To finish off the boys here is how to draw Shock from Nightmare Before Christmas, step by step. Now Shock is the only female of Oogie's minions and she is also the smartest of the group. She is dressed like a witch with sprigs of hair that shoot out the sides of her mask. The dress and hat are pink and she is also the tallest of them all as well. Shock is going to be fairly simple to draw so go ahead and get busy while I prepare some other characters for upload.