How to Draw Assassins Creed Black Flag

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Let us start by drawing a spear tip shape for the Assassin Creed symbol. Once that is done you will draw in two lines that are crisscrossed over one another like you see here. This will end up being the swords.


In this next step you will simply draw out the hand guard that is swirled at each end like you see here. This is a bone style hand guard for the swords you will be drawing.


Sketch in the bony shape of the handle like so, then again, add a swirl.


Now you can draw out the actual needle point blade to finish the first sword. Add the definition along the blade, then proceed to step five.


Completely draw out the other sword using the same steps you did when you drew the first sword. They should crisscross one another like you see here and have the same exact detailing.


Now you can draw out the rest of the symbol shape which sort of reminds me of Altaïr's hood that he wears. Take your time so this shape comes out accurate.


Once everything is drawn and mistakes have been erased, this is how the Assassins Creed Black Flag symbol looks. Now you can color it in to really make the swords and mark stand out.

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October 6, 2013

Description: After this lesson I will be uploading tutorials on some characters from the upcoming LEGO movie. I went to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 with my two sisters the other day, and there was a preview for a LEGO movie called 'The LEGO Movie'. I'm just giving you a heads up on what to expect next after we tackle this very cool tut on "how to draw Assassins Creed Black Flag", step by step. This is just basically the symbol for the next series called 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag'. The new game is expected to be released on October 29th here in Northern America, October 31st for Australia, and all of Europe on November 1. The swords from the symbol are the same ones I used in the recent lesson I submitted on the Pirate Flag. This is the symbol that actually inspired me to do a lesson on a pirate flag. I know you will enjoy drawing Assassins Creed Black Flag because it is super cool, and so is anything that has to do with Assassins Creed. Enjoy folks and don't forget the feedback in the form of comments or requests.

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