How to Draw Assassins Creed

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Draw a vertical line for the beginning design of the symbol and then draw the shape of a deep bowl that lays on the bottom of the line.


You will now sketch out the shape of a very sharp looking "A". The end tips are claw like and the sides widen just a bit.


Now all you have to do is draw a small lip shape that sits below the "A" which is supposed to represent the "C" for Creed. Erase the guidelines and then move to see what your drawing should look like.


Your symbol is now finished and your design should look like the one you see here. I hope yo had fun learning how to draw Assassins Creed step by step. I know it wasn't that hard to accomplish.

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March 27, 2010

Description: I got a request a while back asking if I could do a tutorial on the symbol for one of the more popular games that almost everybody is playing nowadays. The main character of the game series is Altair, and I will teach you "how to draw Assassins Creed", step by step. This symbol for the game franchise, looks a lot like a tribal design. Tribal art is impacting on a lot of symbol creations for all types of games, software, clothing lines, and other merchandising products. The first Assassins Creed was released Worldwide in November of 2007. It's a third person game that involves fighting using hand to hand combat, weaponry, and even staffs and other objects. It's a story that involves “The Knights Templar”, and the Assassins. They both fight each other in an attempt to obtain an artifact called the “Piece of Eden”. The first game takes place around the Third Crusade in the Holy Land of the year 1191. The Assassins follow a strict code of honor that is called “Assassins Creed”. There is three rules to their code: do not harm the innocent, be discreet, and do not compromise the Brotherhood. I think the symbol is pretty sweet, and I also know that of you are a fan of this video game, you will love teaching yourself "how to draw Assassins Creed", step by step. I have only played the first two, and I plan on doing a tutorial on Ezio today so tomorrow you guys have another special treat coming your way. Peace out people, and have fun on this beautiful, but cold Saturday!

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