How to Draw Aristotle, Aristotle

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First, let's start with the basic guidelines for the face shape of Aristotle. I suggest drawing these guidelines lightly to prevent from pencil marks on the paper when you erase.


Next, draw the face shape for Aristotle. I advise drawing the hairline first, then the shape of the cheek bones and the fluffed beard/chin. It's important we draw the face shape first so that the facials will be much easier to proportion.


Then, draw the shadowy eyebrows and eye. Work from left to right (vice versa if you're left handed). I usually work on one eye at a time before I move onto the next. Sketch from top to bottom as well.


Let's work on the beard area, using small lines for the definition. I would recommend working on the nose before you jump into the detailing of the beard. Get the nose and mouth draw proportionally and then work on the beard/mustache.


Next, we'll work on the shape of the head, which is basically tapered lines that slightly and simply define the presence of hair. Take your time and use thick lines for the head line art.


Lastly, sketch the shoulders and the slight definition of neck.


Once you have your sketch done, be sure to ALWAYS review your lines and make sure that everything is in place like you intended it to. Go ahead and ink over your drawing using nice variations in line weights. Remember, use thicker lines for the areas   

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March 12, 2013

Description: Hey everyone! Most of these tutorials will be on famous faces from the past that have made a huge impact on human civilization. One of these people is Aristotle, a brilliant philosopher whose quotes to this day have so much meaning. One of my favorites is “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. There are just so many more infamous quotes Aristotle has said. The cool part about these quotes is that you get inspired to propel through life knowing that someone has been in your shoes. It’s kind of a like a teacher; they teach and touch your heart because they have given you knowledge that will be forever useful. If you’re a fan of philosophy, then you will indeed enjoy this tutorial on ‘how to draw Aristotle’, step by step. Who are your favorite philosophers? Let everyone know!

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