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How to Draw an Iguana for Kids

Artist: Dawn / May 16, 2012
How to Draw an Iguana for Kids

Step 1.

Start by making a simple circle shape like so.

Step 2.

Next, sketch out the shape of the iguana's head, and then draw the extra flap of skin that hangs from the neck.

Step 3.

You will then make a long line starting from the back of the head, till you form a tail. Draw in the frills that flows down the iguana's back like so.

Step 4.

Next, we will complete the body by drawing the back leg and foot, followed by the stomach, and front leg and foot. Add detailing where necessary.

Step 5.

Finally, draw in the two scales on the side of the face like so. As you can see one is larger than the other. Color in the eye and add a dash for the nose. Erase the mistakes and be on your way.

Step 6.

The iguana is complete, now you can color in your drawing the way you like.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 16, 2012
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Tags: how to draw lizards, draw for kids, how to draw iguanas
Description: How many times have you went inside a pet store with your parents to get a collar for Fido or a new toy and came across one of the coolest looking reptiles in the store? I know when I sued to go to Petco or Dr. Doolittle's, I always found myself drawn to the reptile section. My mother had to scour the store to find me, and when she did I used to say "look at this lizard". I always made an attempt to try and con my parents to buy me a pet iguana, but instead they bought me two ball pythons. Anyways, in light of my past I wanted to create a lesson for all you kids or novice artists out there that have a love for reptiles. Here is "how to draw an iguana for kids", step by step. This is probably one of my favorite animals for kids tuts I have done thus far. I think it's because it's so vivid and simple as well as cute and easy to draw. Even though I had a blast making this lesson, some of you may still find it hard to recreate such an awesome beast. I wish you all the best, make sure to leave a comment and rating to let others know what you think and how you did. Adios people and enjoy!