How to Draw a Chipmunk for Kids

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Begin with a circle for the head then move along to step two.


Using the shape you just created, you can begin drawing the side profile of the chipmunk's face which mainly consists of the forehead, snout, ears and back of the neck. Add the nose tip like so.


Color in a large eye like so, then draw the front part of the neck as well as the short stubby legs. Add the toe lines as well.


Finish your chipmunk off by drawing the back end which is arched, then draw in the hidden back foot as well as the short puffy tail. You can add the marking lines to the chipmunk if you want after you erase your mistakes.


Here is the cute chipmunk when you are all done. Now color in your drawing then show folks what you have just drawn.

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May 23, 2012

Description: Awe isn't this little guy cute? This is just one of the very cute lessons that I have for you all that is based on a for kids style. Here you will learn "how to draw a chipmunk for kids", step by step. Chipmunks have a quality about them that can only be explained by looking at them. There is no real way to judge a chipmunk because they are seldom seem as they are really fast when they go from one place to the other. Whenever I see a chipmunk it's either when I'm in a car, or walking down a forest path. I think that's way people are so fascinated with this little rodents that live in holes as well as trees. Have fun drawing this chipmunk, and be sure to stay tuned for more to come.

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