How to Draw an Emo Character, Emo Character

Artist: Dawn / December 23, 2011

Step 1.

This should be an easy lesson for you to tackle. You will start with a circle for the head and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the torso guide.

Step 2.

Before tackling the face structure, you will need to use the facial guidelines to draw in her eyelids. They should be thick, bold, and have some lashes. The next thing you will do is draw in the lower face shape. As you can see the left cheek bulges    

Step 3.

You will now begin drawing out her long, sharp hairstyle. The bangs are long and they should be drawn in pointed chunks. The back of the hair is short and spiked like you can see here, but you can choose to tweak her hairstyle any way you want.

Step 4.

Now that her hair and face shape is all drawn in, you can begin tackling the rest of her face. Before you do that you should draw the headband in and then draw in her ear. Notice the hair that is brushed up against the ear, and also notice how you wi   

Step 5.

Now that your emo character face is all drawn in, you can now start finishing her up starting with drawing the skinny neck, and her shirt collar like so.

Step 6.

It is now time to finish off this emo girl and you will do this by drawing the shoulders, as well as finishing her collar. Clean up your drawing and be on your way.

Step 7.

The hard stuff is all over, now the easy part begins. You will need to color in your emo character to your personalized preference. Great work guys I hope you enjoyed drawing an emo character.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 23, 2011
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Description: Well guys, I have been thinking of more fun things that you would like to learn how to draw and after seeing how the emo couple is in the top 50, I thought that a lesson based on "how to draw an emo character", step by step would be something you’d all like to see. This is going to be a very simple concept drawing and the figure in the lesson is going to be an emo girl. The drawing and coloring style of this emo character is the same as the emo couple tutorial I submitted a few days ago. Since a majority of clothing and character depictions of emo people are mainly in black and white, I thought that the color scheme I choose for both lessons was ideal. I really like the way that this character came out, and if you are emo or like to draw emo related stuff, I think you will find that drawing an emo character is something you will have fun with. There is nothing hard about this tutorial; the only thing you have to do is follow the steps. I shall return in a bit with some more drawing fun. I think you will like the next two lessons that I have waiting to be submitted so stay tuned in guys, you don’t want to miss this.