How to Draw an Anime Girl


Start with something like this... Just a simple circle and some lines. The lines help determine where your facial features go.


Next, you should draw the face shape, as well as the neck and shoulders. I always like to have somewhat of a pointed chin. I feel it gives it more of a cartoon-esque style :3


This is when I do the facial features. I always make my eyes caked in mascara and eye liner XD As for the nose, I don't make it super pointy, I give it a more organic shape.


Now you do the hair. I just let my hair sort of flow from my pen, I don't really focus on the pieces too much.


Now you're done. I always add my own personal flare lol I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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September 24, 2011

Description: First tutorial! I HOPE U LIKE :3

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