How to Draw an Emo Couple, Emo Couple


The first steps to tale when drawing an emo couple is to make two head shapes and then draw in the body guidelines.


Start with the male figure as you begin sketching out the side profile of his face. I always start with the nose whenever I draw a figure from the side. Draw the nose, mouth, chin, jawline, and then draw in the ear. Notice how the face has many angle   


Using the shape you drew in step one, begin drawing out the the boy's hair and as you can see it's kind of long, the bangs cover the eyes, and the back of the hair is in spikes. Next, draw in the piercings as well as some facial detailing.


Now that the boy is taken care of, move along to the girl and begin working on getting her face drawn out. Again you can see that she is being drawn from a side profile view. Unlike the emo boy, her eyes are visible. Draw in her eye, and then draw th   


The only thing you have to worry about in this step is getting her hair finished. Draw out the long straight, but full style. Of course you can choose any hairstyle you like for your emo girl, I like the straight look with lots of chunks and points.    


Next, we'll begin by drawing the male's arm first, that way, when we draw the female's, it will be easier to underlay with the male's. Notice how the arms aren't defined to fit with the style we're trying to accomplish. Sketch the woman's neck, arm a   


Then, we will draw the hand grasping onto the emo boy's neck, sorta like she's playing with his hair and giving him a little neck stroke (isn't that what couples do?). Then, draw the neck and collar for the male.


Lastly, sketch the backs and clothing, keeping the distance similar to one another. Sketch the netting for the male, and if you want, you can challenge yourself by drawing the rest of the arms for the male and female.


With further proofing your drawing, as well as making sure the proportions are correct, you should result with something like this. Go ahead and take the leap of faith by inking/coloring your artwork to completion. I hope y'all enjoyed this lesson! T   

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September 29, 2017

Description: Ok so last night I finished a drawing during livestream (which is the roaring lion) and afterwards, I've decided to do a tut on “how to draw an emo couple”, step by step. These emo characters were inspired by the many styles of the emo/scene fashion. I had to mix mine up, sort of give a scene girl paired with an emo styled boy. Now, I have nothing against these stereotypes, mainly because it's simply a fashion rather than a way a person acts depending on their social group. I prefer to remain stereotype-less, but if you insist, I'd fit very well in the rocker/nerd group. In this lesson, you'll want to keep notice of the face shapes, and how they correlate with one another. The female's face shape is much softer than her counterpart, which is inclined to the masculine side. I like to draw my emo styled boys a bit muscular and structured unlike most anime art I've seen. There's a hint of character in the two faces, which is defined in the noses. When you are drawing characters, make sure you have various facial diffrences. No one likes to see the same bland face shapes and styles. Anyways, I hope you'll all have fun with this one. I had fun creating it. Thanks for viewing and peace out!

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