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How to Draw an Emo Couple, Emo Couple

Artist: Dawn / September 29, 2017
How to Draw an Emo Couple, Emo Couple

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NikkaHeart · 5 years ago
Can you maybe give me some tips on how to do the girl better? i am stuggling with the lips, the eye (grr that eye) and the hair (just a little)
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 29, 2017
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Tags: draw love, draw emo people
Description: Ok so last night I finished a drawing during livestream (which is the roaring lion) and afterwards, I've decided to do a tut on “how to draw an emo couple”, step by step. These emo characters were inspired by the many styles of the emo/scene fashion. I had to mix mine up, sort of give a scene girl paired with an emo styled boy. Now, I have nothing against these stereotypes, mainly because it's simply a fashion rather than a way a person acts depending on their social group. I prefer to remain stereotype-less, but if you insist, I'd fit very well in the rocker/nerd group. In this lesson, you'll want to keep notice of the face shapes, and how they correlate with one another. The female's face shape is much softer than her counterpart, which is inclined to the masculine side. I like to draw my emo styled boys a bit muscular and structured unlike most anime art I've seen. There's a hint of character in the two faces, which is defined in the noses. When you are drawing characters, make sure you have various facial diffrences. No one likes to see the same bland face shapes and styles. Anyways, I hope you'll all have fun with this one. I had fun creating it. Thanks for viewing and peace out!