How to Draw a Wolf Girl, Anime Wolf Girl

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First, let's begin with the most basic of step, by sketching the basis of guidelines that will be needed to draw the form of this anime girl. Believe me when I say this, guidelines HELP a great deal, especially in human proportions. Make sure you dra   


Then, we must sketch the face shape, minding the essential soft angles and sharp edged hair pieces. Take your time with this as it will do you good in the end. The softer the face shape, the younger the character will appear.


Then, we shall shift our intense skills to the facial elements. Now, when you draw an anime character's face from 3/4 like shown, you'll need to stay keen to the perspective of the eyes. The mouth should be drawn lightly as well as the eyebrows.


Let's work our way to the torso and arms. If you feel you want to draw the breasts decreased in size, go right ahead and do so. All you have to do is extend the lines of the chest the further you make the breasts smaller. In this case, her arms are a   


To make things even cooler and mysterious, we'll sketch in long fluent hair to accent her prideful attitude. If you wish, you can go ahead and stylize her with any hairstyle you wish. When you work with long hair, it's best to add various curls and s   


Lastly, sketch in simplistic ears and tail for now. Notice how the tail isn't thinned at the base like a fox's. Use varied tapered edges for each of the focal points to further the interest.


This is what your line-art should resemble once everything is drawn appropriately. Notice I left the clothes off so you can stylize her in ANY way you want! Just please, don't add any nipplators ;) I hope ya'll enjoyed this installment of anime girl.   

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April 6, 2017

Description: Last night, on the night of Monday's livestream, I sparked an idea that would probably grab the attention of all you anime addicts. You know how anime girls are dressed as a Neko girl or a fox girl? Well, I thought that there aren't enough anime girls in the theme of a wolf, everyone's favorite animal. Wolves have so much vibrance and courage, so I wanted to impliment that type of attitude into this sexified chick. Get yourself a few drawing utensils, preferably varied graphite pencils to get a little more depth in the drawing. It's best that you start with light varied sketching pencils before you use the dark, soft ones for shading. I'd advise you to use the soft dark ones on the most darkest of spots. If you feel the incline of a challenge, go ahead and try to render the entire drawing in graphite, that way, you'll emphasize your skills appropiately. Anyways, I must be flaunting with my other tuts. I hope you folks will have supreme fun with this tutorial, I had intensive fun with it. Thanks for viewing and good luck!

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