How to Draw a Boyfriend and Girlfriend


Make two heads which are nicely shaped circles. Add the facial guidelines then proceed with step two.


We will start by drawing the shape of the first chibi face then draw in the bangs which hang a bit low on the forehead.


By the way, you are drawing the girl first. Make the large eyes, then draw in the eyebrows. When that is done you can make the lashes and mouth.


Draw her skinny neck, then draw the shoulders and length of the left arm.


Here we will draw in the girl's hairstyle which can be tweaked if you want a different style. I chose to go with layers.


Now you can begin drawing the boyfriend. Start with the face shape like so, then draw in his bangs.


Next, draw the large circular eyes, then eyebrows, then mouth.


The two are going to look connected because they are sharing the same shirt. You will draw the neck, and length of his right arm. When that is done make the left shoulder.


You can now finish off the head by drawing the hair.


Finish the arms and then draw in their one piece tee shirt. Write the words "I love you" on the front, then erase the mistakes as well as the guides.


You are done. Color in your work and you have yourself a nice drawing of a boyfriend and girlfriend.

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July 27, 2014

Description: Have you ever wanted a lesson on how to draw a boyfriend and girlfriend? Well, here is my take on a cute couple in a semi chibi form. Drawing chibi people can be done to look like children, or just young people/teens. I had a lot of fun with this creation so if you want to draw a boyfriend and girlfriend for your better half, now is your chance. Enjoy people.

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