How to Draw an Easy Horse

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Are you ready to get started with this easy horse or what? Start by making a large circle for the head, draw the muzzle, and then draw out the body like so. Lastly, draw the three leg lines.


Here you will begin shaping out the head like you see here, and don't forget to draw out the jaw, and ears. The horse should be a bit stubby. This will make him even easier to draw.


Now it's time to sketch out the mane, and for me I wanted it to be long, and hang over the left eye. Draw a line for the beginning portion of the eye, and then start drawing out the body like you see here.


Finish drawing out the horses legs, and hooves, and then finish drawing the mane. Draw the complete eye shape, and then add the nostril holes, and tail.


Detail the eye by making the eyeball, and then add the glare. You will also add some detailing to the horses tail. Once all that is done, you can begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.


Now that your easy horse is all done, now you can color it in, and label this tutorial complete. Did you have fun drawing an easy horse or what?

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September 25, 2010

Description: Hey guys, how is everyone doing today on this awesomely snug Saturday? I hope you’ll are doing well, and I also hope you have a bunch of energy because I have four tutorials that are going up, and every one of them are going to be great. As you know I already uploaded the lesson on the easy faces, up next is a tutorial that will show you "how to draw an easy horse", step by step. I figured that making lessons out of popular animals in a real easy format will help people make their favorite animals a whole lot simpler. One of the things I’m digging is the new style I draw animals in their easy form. The horse is one of my favorite easy animal drawings I have done so far. I love everything about this horse, especially the neat tribal designs on the coat. Each new animal drawing is going to be designed with mixed drawing styles. What I mean by this is, they all have traits of chibi style animals, anime style animals, and cartoon style animals. If you look at some of the simple animal tutorials I drew in the past, you will see that they have a mainly cartoony look. I wanted to switch up the drawing style to make each lesson more appealing. I think the new format of making easy animals is going to be a big hit. I also think you guys will love this tutorial on "how to draw an easy horse", because it is not only easy to draw, it’s colorful and fun too. I will be back in a while with some other fun stuff for you guys to do so stick around until my return. Peace people!

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