How to Draw an Anime Model


As always make the head and torso guides then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Define the shape of her face, then sketch in the bangs which are cut in a weird uneven style.


Here you will draw in the rest of her hair or almost the rest. The bangs and length should be added too.


Make simple shaped eyes with thick lids and lashes. You will also need to give her some thin eyebrows and then a nose and mouth.


Now you can make the shape of her neck followed by the shoulders and arm.


Work on getting her chest drawn out, then draw the folded arms which are right in front of the breasts.


All that needs to be done here is the rest of her left arm and then draw the hand that is relaxing on her elbow crease.


Draw the dress line for the top of the dress which is a low laying halter style top, then add the choker around the neck and the line on the arm for her long gloves.


Draw in the rest of the body shape which is the shape of her bell style one piece dress. Add some crinkles, wrinkles and creases.


Lastly, draw her thighs or legs and then draw the thigh high stockings she is wearing. If you made some mistakes you can erase them now.


Color in your anime model and be on your way. I hope you liked this lesson even if it wasn't all that.

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June 21, 2014

Description: I was just goofing around when I made this lesson. I felt like making an anime girl wearing a red dress with long black gloves. Here is something simple and easy to recreate, "how to draw an anime model". I guess you can call her a model since she is after all wearing a dress that I made. She has this cocky or confidence about her as if to say "I look good!". I didn't know what else to do but I knew I wanted to make something anime. Doing all these anime girls makes me think that I should probably brush up on drawing anime boys or men because the more I shy away from that anime gender drawing, the worst I will become with making males. Anyways, I hope you enjoy drawing an anime model. It's okay to say her dress is ugly, I was just going for something simple.

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