How to Draw an Anime Kiss

Artist: KahoOkashii / January 20, 2017

Step 1.

Start with a circle and curves for the heads, and then add the guidelines for both of character's faces. This will play as the foundation for the characters to build the essential details on. It's also the way I started my drawing!

Step 2.

Next, work on the guides for the bodies. This may require some time to work on since it's a lot to draw. Take your time because if you rush, you'll mess up indeed!

Step 3.

Now define the positions of their arms with circles and lines (blue lines) +notice: the black lines which define girl's right arm will be invisible when we finish the pic so I just draw it in order to make you easy to imagine how the positions of th   

Step 4.

So now start to draw the character's arms following the lines that you drew on step 3 (blue lines).

Step 5.

This is what your pencil lines should look. Before you jump into polishing the figures, erase the guides that stray in between the figures.

Step 6.

Now start to define the face's positions, torsos and arms, you just have to line which are visible parts (blue lines), not all the lines that you got from stage 5 !

Step 7.

Now, you can start experimenting and add facial details and clothes to create the characters that are kissing. Maybe you could possibly add two boys or maybe two girls? xD Let's move onto the last step!

Step 8.

With further polishing this is what you should result to! Take your time and erase extra mistakes and whatnot before you start inking or coloring. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. Thanks for viewing everyone!

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Artist: KahoOkashii
Date Added: January 20, 2017
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Description: This is a tutorial that will show you in an awesome way to learn "<em><strong>how to draw an anime kiss</em></strong>, step by step! I've included a few helpful and easy steps so you can recreate this drawing in order to have a beautiful presence between your two characters. If you wish, you can use this as a base and design your own characters with it. I've included the full character body bases without drawing the clothes to give you a basic idea on how the bodies interact. You should have patience and practice with the basic anatomy before you start tackling different poses of "<em>drawing kissing people</em>". Get references of other Anime and how the characters interact with such a exquisite moment of human kind. Studying and observation is the best way to exceed as an artist! I hope you all will benefit from this inspirational lesson. Thanks so much for viewing and good luck! Please mark behind any feedback on how you did!