How To Draw Lady Gaga


Draw lightly Gaga's oval shape.


Also lightly draw the line in the middle with a pencil (No. 2 or HB mechanical pencil).


Now sketch in the crescent shapes which helps with head mass & also the strange leaf is a placement for Lady Gaga's hand. And don't forget that stem, which is her wrist.


Make sure you give a curving shape to the lines in this step. Observe the space between the lines and how c. & d. lines seem to continue as one. a.) is placed at her tear ducts, b.) is for the bottom of her nose, c.) runs through the middle of her mo   


Simply add the circles for her thumb digit.


Now you get a chance to start on her face. Draw lightly her bangs, eyes, side of face, nose, and mouth. Take your time. You can erase or leave your sketchy lines... whichever is most comfortable for you.


If you want, go ahead & take a break because there are plenty of lines to draw here. Look closly and follow the lines to her hair, eye pupils, chrome-like piece on her face, ring, hand, glove, thumb, and the decorative throw over her shoulder.


The first picture is how your picture may look with the guidelines. You can erase them if you want. Check out how the second picture looks. Adding more defined lines, fluffing her hair, detailing her glove will add more realism. If you want to, but N   


Sketch it, babeee! Yeah, you can use your mechanical pencil & lead at Fine or HB. Lightly make gentle back and forth motions all over her face. Now if you're comfortable with circular motions... do it! Artists all over have their own style of drawing   


Lady Gaga is stepping out in this picture! To make her POP like here, use that CretaColor Monolith 9B Pencil. It doesn't cost that much. As a matter of fact you can get these products I mention at a Dick Blick store near you or online at   


No one can deny that strange textured throw over Lady Gaga's shoulder. Is it a scarf, wrap, or jeweled cowl? Whatever it is, it's a monster to draw. If you're attempting this, Hats Off To You!!! The next few steps are tips on these "hard-to-draw" art   


This time Acrylics has won! Sandpaper, the new kid on the block has to take a back seat to my wonderful Titanium White for HIGHLIGHTS! Yaaaa! Try it, you'll like it!


SHINY OBJECTS - Click on the picture for this step for a small help on drawing that futuristic chrome-like fixture on Lady Gaga's cheek.


HIGHLIGHTS - Who doesn't love them? Click on the picture for some easy tips.


TONE-SHADING-TEXTURE-REFLECTIVE LIGHT - These are so important to a picture. Click on the picture to see what it means.


There she is ready for the stage, background and all! You see those circles? It's a simple kneaded rubber eraser shapped flat into a small circle and dabbed on the background shading. Cool! Try it on your piece of paper and see what happens. Check ou   

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May 5, 2011

Description: Lady Gaga, the Fashionista of the pop music world, has won 5 Grammy awards. I'm loving this because while doing this tutorial last night (Thursday, May 4, 2011), an American Idol contestant sang one of Lady Gaga's unreleased songs (with the Queen of pop's permission). I'm hoping you can learn to draw from this tutorial and find it helpful. Everyone... peace & joy to you with love!

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