How to Draw an Anime Baby

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You can start with a large circle for the anime baby's head. Add the facial guidelines and then draw two more circle shapes for the torso and the butt end of the child.


In this second step you will first sketch out the shape and style of the baby's head and hair. Draw the big bulging anime eyes and then color them in the way you see them here. Draw the arched shaped cheeks and then draw out the right ear.


Draw out the shape the lower part of the anime baby's face, and then draw a circle for the infants pacifier. Detail inside of the ear and then draw out the side view of the body starting with the neck, and then the arm, and lastly the cute little but   


All you have to do here for your last drawing step is draw out the arched anime baby's back and then the rest of the leg. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one so that you have a nice clean drawing.


Here is what this tutorial drawing should come out looking like when you are completely done. Color him in and you have just learned "how to draw an anime baby" step by step.

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August 19, 2009

Description: Did you guys like the chibi flower I submitted for you all? Well, I have a super cute surprise for you all. I received a request to do a lesson on a baby. I know what your saying “a baby? there is already a lesson on two babies!”. And my response to that is your right! But, I am not going to do a tutorial on just any old baby, I will be showing you “how to draw an anime baby” step by step. What a smart idea, to do a tutorial on an anime baby. I mean no one has this lesson, at least from my searches there isn’t. I had so much fun with this tutorial. I wanted this anime baby to come out so cute and so innocent looking. I think I convey his innocence with his eyes, and his frailness with his body position. His big black eyes and his cute chubby cheeks makes me want to rip this infant out of the monitor and pinch the crap out of his face. I think that baby boys sometimes look cuter than baby girls. If the baby has blue eyes, blond hair and a frown? I am a sucker for cuteness! I loved when my baby sister was just a baby. She was so quiet and she made these cute little faces that made me say “auuuuuhhhhhhhhhha”. Anyways that was then and this is now. She is a little chatter box now. All she does is talk, scream, yell, cry, take, mine, no, shut up, and on and on and on. I have to tell my mother to get her out of my room sometimes because she can be so loud. But, all in all I love her just the same. Well that is a lot of baby talk, and I think you would rather be working in this tutorial on “how to draw an anime baby” step by step. I will leave you to your solitude while you tackle this lesson. I shall return so stay tuned in. Peace peeps, and happy drawing.

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