How to Draw Baby Gaara

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There is a total of six drawing steps for this lesson, and one final line art step. The first thing you will need to do when it comes to drawing baby Gaara, is draw a circle shape for his head. Add the facial guidelines and then draw another shape fo   


All you need to do here is sketch out the complete outlined shape for baby Gaara's messy, yet cool hairstyle. Once that is done you can sketch out some of his shirt collar which looks very much like a turtle neck sweater.


Now you will continue to draw baby Gaara's sweater and then his forearms. See how his arms are wrapped around his teddy? That is how you will need to draw his arms and hands. Next draw the head and ear of the teddy bear.


See how easy it is so far to draw baby Gaara? What you will do next is draw some definition for his left arm, and then sketch out the bottom part of his long sweater like shirt. Be sure to add wrinkles and folds.


Using the facial guidelines sketch out the bold lining for the shape of baby Gaara's eyes. When that is done you can then start drawing out his pants and or legs. Gaara wears these legwarmer like socks, so you will have to draw out the top lining for   


For your last drawing step you can draw out his feet, shoes, and toes. Once that is done you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


"How to draw baby Gaara" is now complete. Color him in and you are all done. I bet you did a great job, and be sure to join me again for another free online drawing lesson.

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January 5, 2010

Description: I think this is going to be the last tutorial that I will submit until tomorrow because to tell you the truth I'm getting pretty tired. I have a few different tutorials on a certain Naruto character named Gaara. Why I like him so much is because he is awesome both in appearance, and as a character in general. So let me introduce this lesson that is on a different concept of this very popular Naruto character. Let's learn "how to draw baby Gaara, step by step”. I know your probably expecting an image of Gaara in small baby form with a pacifier in his mouth and all. But the truth is, baby Gaara looks more like a small toddler, and that is exactly how he is supposed to be drawn out as. A few things are different or more exaggerated with this drawing. For instance his eyes are even more blacker, and bolder giving his face a stronger, more defined appearance. His clothes are bit more baggier, and instead of a gourd, he is clinging onto a very cute teddy bear. I can pretty much say that I know this tutorial of Gaara will be favorited, and viewed quite a bit. I for one will favorite this lesson because I think baby Gaara looks so sweet and innocent for an emo child. One thing that I love about this character is his eyes. The light shade of blue his eyes are, really stick out with the massive overflow if black liner. Anyway, I think that does it for now. I will be back tomorrow to submit the other three tutorials I have drawn for all you artists out there that want to better themselves. In the mean time, have good fun with this submission that teaches you “how to draw baby Gaara, step by step”. Peace out ladies, gentlemen, children and teens. Join me tomorrow for another fun filled day!

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