How to Draw Al Capone


Here is Al Capone from the side. Sketch out the side profile of Al Capone, then sketch in his thick eyebrows, nostrils, frowning on his face, then his mouth, lips and wrinkles.


Al has short hair so we will finish sketching out the shape of his head, then draw out his ear. Once that is complete you can draw the neck, jacket collar, and jacket. Draw the hat fully on an angle, then you're done.


Let's begin. Make a circle for Al's face and head. You will then sketch in some facial guidelines like so.


Sketch the entire shape of Al's face which should be somewhat chubby because he was a small big man. Draw the outline of his ear, then his double chin. You will also make the lid line for his hat.


Using the facial guidelines, sketch out and color in the thick eyebrows. Draw the nose in one swoop, then make the thin lip lip for the upper lip.


Since Al Capone is smiling or chuckling in this picture, the eyes will need to be drawn in with a squinty style. Sketch out the chubby cheek frown lines, then draw in his teeth, cigar, and side burns for his hair. You will also need to sketch in the    


The face is done. You can now focus on your attention to Al Capone's hat. Start at the base and draw the ring shaped rim first. Then you will draw the top of the hat, as well as the band that is wrapped around it.


Draw the wide shoulders, then his tuxedo suit jacket along with the shirt and shirt tie. Erase the mistakes then you are ready to see the final results.


Here is Al Capone all finished and ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on one of America's notorious gangsters.

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January 30, 2013

Description: So, what to say about the face you see before you now? I could talk about the illegal activity that Capone was known for, or I could talk about how if it wasn't for Capone, alcohol wouldn't be legal. Before we get into some of the background information on Mr. Capone, let me first say that you will enjoy learning "how to draw Al Capone". He was and still is one of the most famous gangsters of all time. Originally born Alphonse Gabriel Capone was a very bright kid. What did this Italian American in was the fact that he had a big problem with authority or rules. He attended a Catholic School soon after his parents moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn New York. When Al was fourteen years old he dropped out of school as soon as he was expelled for hitting a female teacher right in the face. After he dropped out Capone picked up small odd jobs around his neighborhood which included being a pin-boy at a bowling alley, and a clerk at a candy store. It was around the same time that Al took to crime. He looked up to Johnny Torrio who was a gangster back in his day. He looked up to Johnny and often said that he thinks of him as his mentor. Al Capone has been linked to being part of two child gangs; The Junior Forty Thieves, the Bowery Boys, Five Points gang, the Brooklyn Rippers, and a couple others. He also did some racketeer work for Frankie Yale who was a gangster/bartender on Coney Island. You could say that Frankie Yale was Al Capone's real first crime employer. Frankie Yale worked in a dance hall called the Harvard Inn and it was here that Al Capone received his recognizable scare that gave him the nickname Scarface. He insulted a woman, her brother came after him, and the brother sliced his face. The lesson will teach you how easy its going to be when it comes to drawing Al Capone. Have fun people and enjoy!

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