How to Draw a Jukebox

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Let's start by making the shell for our jukebox. It sort of looks like a big picture window at this stage.


Thicken the lining and begin drawing the notches, and design. As you can see there is molding at the top of the jukebox so draw these out as well.


We will now draw in the framing for the jukebox to create the window which enables folks to look inside to select a song. Draw the bar that runs across the jukebox like so, then make a large U or horseshoe shape in the lower center. This is going to    


Add detailing to the bar in the center of the jukebox like so, then draw the crosshatching to create the speaker. Also add other detailing lines for added features.


Lastly, draw in the bottom part of the legs to make a thick wooden design, then draw in the record, and framing for the window. When your drawing looks like the image you see here, that is when you start erasing your mistakes.


Here is how your jukebox should come out looking when you are all done. Now have fin coloring it in.

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January 30, 2013

Description: Let's rock, roll and dance till our bodies come out of our pants. Hey guys, I'm here once again and with my return I have a fun tutorial that will make all you want to listen to some oldies and start doing the twist. Today we will learn "how to draw a jukebox", step by step. These huge musical machines used to operate by playing 45 records. Nowadays when you see a jukebox they are all digital, or they use compact discs or CDs. I really did have a lot of fun making this tut because it brings me back in time to when the fifties was popping and people where rocking. Drawing a jukebox is a very creative way to create something different. You can add any type of background design you like, and you can even brighten up the colors in the jukebox so they look bright like a light is turned on or something. Ideas keep coming to me so expect some random stuff to be uploaded today. Adios people and enjoy.

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