How to Draw Anime Couples


The first thing you need to do is draw out the mannequin like figures you see here. This will be for the two people that you are about to draw. Start by drawing out the heads, then the torsos. When that is complete connect the heads with a neck like.   


Let's start with the female first. Her face will be drawn from the side so it should be pretty easy to recreate. Start with sketching out her nose, then the lips, chin, jawline, and neck.


To finish the head you will need to start sketching out the hairstyle. Of course this can vary because not everyone like the long straight look. Sketch in the bangs, then draw the length of her hair. For this girl the hair is past her shoulders.


Sketch in the rest of her hair which is the small strands that is touching her face. Once that is done you can sketch out her closed eye as well as the eyebrow. Add thickness to the eyelid line because you really want to notice her expression. Add bl   


Lets get started with drawing her body out. As you can see you will only be drawing the torso and some of her hips. Start with the shoulders, then draw in the chest. Slowly sketch out her arm as her shoulder cups inward as she tenses up as he touches   


Just when you think you're done with one figure, a step shows up with more to do. You will add some crinkling creases and folds to the bottom end of her shirt like so, then draw in the other arm and shoulder. Finish sketching out the rest of the stra   


Now for the anime boy. Start by sketching out his hair which is semi long. The ends of his hair should be drawn to be very sharp, and pointed. It should also cover his ear and fall on his forehead.


Sketch in the side of his face. Only the jawline and mouth is showing. Add detailing to the top of his head like so, then draw in his neck. As you can see I made the neck with a small Adams apple.


Draw out the shoulder and extended arm. You have to sketch in some of the muscle definition because as you know a lot of anime guys have toned upper bodies. Draw out the lining for the sleeveless tee shirt that he is wearing, then move to step ten.


Lastly, sketch out the hunched over back, then draw the clothing. As you can see his tee is detailed more then hers. This means you will need to draw the crinkles, wrinkles, creases and folds at the bottom part of his shirt. When that is done draw ou   


Here is the couple when you are all done. Now all you have to do is add some color for a magical, and loving scene.

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January 13, 2017

Description: Here is a lesson that I really love. Yesterday I felt like doing something beautiful and full of life. I think you will find that this lesson or drawing tells a story just by the expression and lighting that is incorporated with everything else. Whenever I draw anime I always look for a new way I can tell a story through art. As you know anime art is has a very strange way of telling heartfelt stories with just a simple picture. This lesson will be showing you "how to draw anime couples", step by step. Drawing couples is one of my favorite things to do because I can choose to draw them in romantic scenes, or have them enjoying one another as they hug, laugh, and play. These two young characters that you see before you are telling a story. They are most likely sitting under a tree right when the sun is going down on a warm Autumn day. Her face says "I love you" as he places his hand on the side of her head before he whispers "I love you" in her ear. The trembling feeling she gets when he is so close to her face is unbearable as she waits for the moment that he pulls her in for that perfect lovers kiss. That is the story that comes to mind when I see this drawing, what does the couple say to you at first glance? Let me know your thoughts folks. Enjoy drawing anime couples.

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