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How to Draw Aku From Samurai Jack

Artist: Dawn / February 7, 2017
How to Draw Aku From Samurai Jack

Step 1.

Begin by drawing the head and large torso shape for Aku's body guides. Once that is done proceed to step two.

Step 2.

Here you will draw the shape of the mouth which is large and opened wide. Also draw the nostrils for Aku's nose and proceed to step three.

Step 3.

We will now draw in the lips and when that is done draw the teeth. Add the shape of the eyes, draw in the eye lid slits and then draw the fiery eyebrows.

Step 4.

Aku's head and face is almost done. We will draw the horns to form the shape of the head. You will notice that there is three horns on each side of the head. Once the head is drawn, you can draw the long hairy beard.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw in the perked out chest and then draw the thin or slender style of the stomach. Once that is done we can finish up by drawing the arms and clawed shaped hands. Erase your mistakes and guides.

Step 6.

Here is the line art when done. Now you can color in Aku from Samurai Jack.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 7, 2017
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Tags: how to draw samurai jack characters
Description: Earlier I uploaded a new lesson on Samurai Jack which was done due to the fact that they are doing a remake of the cartoon series and have decided to let it air once again on Adult Swim. So today, I will be showing you how to draw Aku, step by step. As you know Aku is the villain that Samurai Jack is often trying to find. Recreating him into a form that is drawn much cleaner and has more of a detailed face. I love how this came out and I love the contrast between the black and red colors. Drawing Aku from Samurai Jack is going to be fun and exciting. I hope you like it, and stick around because I have more in store.