How to Draw Samurai Jack

How to Draw Samurai Jack
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Start this first step with just guidelines for his head. This is because the shape of Samurai Jack is square instead of round. After that draw a line for his neck which will go into the shape of his very easily drawn out square body frame. Next draw    


Now you will start shaping out his head and draw out his small ponytail on top of his head. Draw out the thickness of his neck and then a criss cross for his karate suit. Draw out his fingers as well and detail the sleeves as shown to you here. As yo   


Now you will start drawing out his hair line as well as his slanted eyes and his small round ears. Move down and detail his sash and begin drawing out the lining for his samurai sword. Two more lines get drawn out down the middle of his attire as wel   


See I told you very very easy. Now finish off his face with eyebrows and a mouth and nose. Next detail his sash a bit more then add the "X's" detailing to the handle of his samurai sword which will end up looking like diamonds when colored in. You ar   


After you color in his hair, sword, and sandals in your Samurai jack should look like the one you see above. That was super duper easy huh. That will do it color him in and your done. This was a fun tutorial on how to draw Samurai Jack step by step I   

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July 13, 2008

Okay DragoArt fans!! Today’s awesome and epic tutorial is going to be about the hot Samurai Jack =D. I remember when this show aired on cartoon network all the time. I used to watch it every single time it was on. It usually came on right after the Dexter’s Laboratory episodes. Those shows were the best. Cartoon network shows nowadays are cheap and stupid and really gay, but not all of them (but some are). Some of them. are really played out and too colorful. Sometimes their not even funny. Anyways, I’m going to talk about Samurai Jack. This tutorial has easily made step by steps so you can draw him with ease. In most of the episodes that include action, I noticed that the enemies or rivals were mostly robots, monsters, and aliens. They would always bleed oil for blood, or goo, or electricity. Its totally sweet. The same people who made Dexter’s Laboratory made Samurai Jack too and the Powerpuff Girls (another amazing show =D.) So anyways, let me continue my summary for Samurai Jack. When he was a kid his family and homeland was destroyed by the demon Aku. Aku is wicked cool too by the way. So Jack wanted vengeance to kill Aku. While he was young he trained his best to become the most powerful and skilled Samurai to achieve his goal. He traveled every to find a time machine to go back in time to kill the demon and save his family. What’s kind of ridiculous about this show is that Jack keeps failing to find the time machine and is always conflicted in a fight with evil guys set by Aku. It never ends, and whenever he gets his chance to go into the time machine, he’s interrupted by a guardian bad guy. It’s like a never-ending path of fighting and ridiculousness. But still all that fighting is pretty sweet and makes the show interesting. Sometimes when I watch the episodes I just want it to end like right there. But yeah whatever, I just find that the cons of the show. Nevertheless, the show is cool and I drew Jack out of inspiration. I wanted to show everyone "<strong>how to draw Samurai Jack</strong>" just like me. It took me like an hour to finish him. I colored him in Photoshop while using my Wacom tablet. I tried making this tutorial wicked easy step by step so you’ll know how to draw him. If you really like drawing Japanese warriors, then try out this lesson <a href="">how to draw samurai</a>, it's wicked cool and I love the way it came out. Well, have fun and enjoy the work :D

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