How to Draw a Wyvern


This is a sketch of some important parts of the wyvern's body that you should pay close attention to. Things like the underarms, neck, and width of the waist should be examined like you see here. The arms which carry the wing membrane, attaches to th   


Here is a cool drawing I did a your basic wyvern diagram that points out all the body parts to this beast. I point out parts from the head to tail and I think it's important for you to learn about the different parts to this reptile's body. Most wyve   


There are many types of heads you can draw your wyevern in. The three basics, is the blocky - where the head is very blocky and beastly. The body of a wyvern would have to be beefy to match the face. Narrow - the body of a wyvern should be thin to ma   


Here is a cool front view drawing of a wyverns head. Here, perspective is working its magic to make the face look like it's actually staring at you in frontal view. The sides of the upper jawline are narrowed and pulled upwards to the butt of the eye   


Draw the head shape and then draw out the rest of the shapes of the body like the torso, and pelvic area. When that is done you will draw in the guidelines for all the limbs which includes the neck, arms, legs, and then draw a connecting line for the   


You will now begin sketching out the shape of the wyvern's head, but more of the jaw and open mouth.


This is the step where you will start drawing out the sharp teeth, tongue, and then the eyes. Once that is done, you can sketch in some detailing.


Now, here is where you can start sketching out the frilled like horns, and these horns should start at the lower part of the jawline, and when they start here the horns should be drawn smaller. Add some detailing and definition to the horns.


Now that the head is all done you can begin drawing out the neck, the back of the neck, some of the chest, and then some of the shoulder.


Here you will start sketching out the first of the two arms and make sure you add the definition and detailing. The muscles should be well defined, and when the arm is drawn out, you can then start sketching out the finger bones which attaches the sk   


Here you will be drawing out the rest of the body starting with the thighs, and lower portion of the legs. Next, sketch out the long curled tail, and then be sure to sketch out the lining for the legs so they look muscular and well defined.


Now its time to sketch out the tail tip which can be skin based or hair based. When that is done you can begin sketching out skin detailing. Dragons and wyverns are reptiles so their body texture should resemble that of a reptile like a snake or liza   


Start drawing out the arched over wing, and since the wing is hovering over the dragons body, you will be drawing the wing from the front view.


Continue to sketch out the wings but when you do this you need to sketch in some tears, rips, wrinkles, crinkles, and stretched creases. Take your time with this step because you want to make sure that the wing gets drawn properly.


Sketch out the frill skin on the back of the neck and make sure that the detailing and definition is all sketched in nicely so you end up with a real nice, well defined and detailed drawing of a wyvern. Before you go you will have to sketch out the o   


For the last drawing step you can begin sketching out the under body of the wyvern which is softer tissue then the hyde. Add the horizontal stripes that flow down the front of the body, and then add some skin like frills to the ends of the tail like    


Here is what you end up with when you are all done. Now you can color it in, and be on your way. This tutorial took a long time to complete, but I think you will see that in the end you did a great job with learning how to draw a wyvern.

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February 27, 2011

Description: Okay guys, I know I haven't uploaded any dragon lessons lately and to tell you the truth, I think I've lost my dragon drawing ability. I say this because I don't draw dragons like I used to nowadays and because of that I think I lost touch with the complicated contours of the dragons body, and framework. Today I thought I would submit a tutorial that has been sitting in my pending folder for a few days. It is going to show you "how to draw a wyvern", step by step, and yes I have a few lessons on the wyvern so this is not going to be anything new. I thought that drawing and uploading something cool would be a concept that folks from Dragoart would appreciate. As you know the wyvern is a dragon without a pair of arms. The typical dragon has front and back legs, as well as a pair of separate wings that can be controlled all on their own if the beast wants them to. Now when a wyvern flaps the wings, they are also moving their arms at the same time because the wing tissue is connected to the front arms or legs. They are sometimes a lot more smaller then dragons, but they still keep their intimidating size compared to humans. There is so many different ways you can draw one of these fantasy creatures, and since everyone’s drawing style is different, you can pretty much learn "how to draw a wyvern" using the skills you already know. If you are brand new to the whole wyvern/dragon concept, the best thing for you to do is start with an easy dragon to draw, and gradually move up the skill ladder. Anyways, this is going to be fun because you will be drawing a new fantasy creature from scratch once again. Have fun guys, and remember to upload your works when you are all done.

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