How to Draw a Wolf Head, Coloured

How to Draw a Wolf Head, Coloured
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Now all you need is a good sharp pencil and a rubber to be good to go! Draw out a circle for the head. Then draw two lines coming of both sides of the circle so they curve down to join at the bottom. Now draw a cross in the middle of the circle so th   


Draw in the basic shape of the eyes. The eyes look like tears on their sides. Also sketch in the nose and nostrils. Define the shape of the mouth too! It is a good idea to have a picture of an actual wolf for reference of what the wolf's features loo   


Colour the rim of the eyes black and add a small circle with a highlight for a pupil. Shade the nose in, the top being lighter and nostrils darker. Also there is a line in the middle of the wolf's nose. Make the snout look longer by adding a curved    


Draw in the fur around the edge of your wolf's head, face and neck. Rub out your guidelines. Now get some earthy coloured pencils like: blacks, browns, ochre yellow and greys. Get your black pencil and start to colour in where the darker areas are go   


Now you go over the eyes and nose in black pencil so they stand out. Don't forget to draw a furry line in the middle of each ear and colour the tips black too. Get a deep yellow that isn't too bright and colour in the eyes. You may think that their e   


Now we really start colouring! Get your yellow and lightly colour the snout and around the eyes as well as under the chin and part of the neck. Also add in some greys, browns and blacks to around the snout so the yellow won't look out of place. Do th   


The rest of the steps are mostly up to you but feel free to do what i do. Ok, so now you just mix the colours so that it matches what is in your head or in your picture.


We are still colouring. Continue to add the colours to your liking. If you want a tip o doing fur the key thing is just colouring blocks of colour in the direction the fur should go.


Continuing to gradually move down the head and neck. At this point you might want to erase any unwanted guidelines for the light and dark areas.


You are now pretty much finished! It wasn't that hard was it? Now just finish up the last few details then sign your work! Always sign your work and add a date so when your famous people know it's by you! :) Thank you for looking at this tutorial and   

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January 21, 2013

This tutorial will help you get the basic idea of how you should go about drawing then colouring your wolf. Sorry if the photos aren't very good I'll try making up for it by describing clearly! :)

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