How to Draw a VW Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle

How to Draw a VW Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle
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Let's start by sketching out the outlined body of the VW. This should also include the wheel wells.


Up next, sketch in the seam line that separates the hood from the frame of the vehicle. Draw the first headlamp shape, then add detailing to define the bumpers.


Let's move onto drawing the windshield, driver's side window and the small window in the back. Add the side mirror, door handle, then the seam lines for the door.


We will work on getting the front bumper detailed. Add the vent holes at the bottom of the bumper.


You will now draw the tires followed by the rims. I know Volkswagen Beetle's don't have superior rims, but they have somewhat of a stylish rim. Erase the mistakes when you are happy with your drawing.


Here is the line art, now you can color in your car using any shade you like.

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February 19, 2014

How many girls out there would like to own one of these cute, small cars that come in a variety of colors? There is a lot of cars that I like, but the VW Beetle isn't one of them. I mean, they are cute and all, but they are a little too "adorable" for me. The VW Beetle gained popularity back in the late sixties with Herbie the Lovebug. He was a white colored VW that had red and blue stripes down the hood, roof, and trunk of the car. Herbie the Lovebug was also a race car that was very human and alive. Today's Volkswagen Beetles look similar to the original hard-bodied style, the differences of then and now is material used for production, and a sleeker style. This tutorial will show you "<em>how to draw a Volkswagen Beetle</em>, step by step. When you're done you can color in your Beetle whatever shade you like. Go ahead and get busy while I ready my other tuts for submission.

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