How to Draw a Titan from Destiny

Artist: Dawn / January 21, 2015

Step 1.

First, start off with the basic guidelines which will begin the preliminary body base for the Titan.

Step 2.

Then, work on the head shape for the Titan starting with the oval boxed jaw shape first. Once that base head shape is drawn, then you can work on the surrounding details.

Step 3.

Next, work on the inner detailing for the head, making sure you use thin lines for the defining details.

Step 4.

To finish off the head, work on the facials of the mask using thin line weights.

Step 5.

Let's work on the cowl for the Titan's outfit and the scarf-like cloth around its neck. Try to make the edges of the cowl nice and sharp.

Step 6.

Next, let's start working on the body shape. I first started with the right arm which has all the weird sectioned pads on the shoulder and bicep. Then, I work on the left arm and the beginning stages of the gun. You can work in whichever order you'd    

Step 7.

Then, let's start shaping up the body by sketching out the left arm which is holding onto the gun as well as the rifle handle which is perched at the back of this character.

Step 8.

Lastly, using thin line weights, work on the defining details which cover most of the torso and gun as well as the arms.

Step 9.

Once you've reviewed your drawing, you should have something very similar to this. If you wish to further your skills, go ahead and practice your inking and ink your drawing out so it looks exactly like this. I hope you guys have enjoyed this lesson,   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey folks, I have for you a lesson on another character from the Destiny video game. I'm not going to get into the description because I really want to upload some of the other cool tuts I have. So all I will say is that this tut will show you how to draw Titan from Destiny. I hope you have fun with it, and there are other characters from the game coming your way shortly.