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How to Draw a Warlock from Destiny

Artist: Dawn / January 21, 2015
How to Draw a Warlock from Destiny

Step 1.

Alright, let's begin this drawing by sketching out the basic guidelines for the Warlock. Try to draw these guides ever so lightly on your paper so erasing them later won't be a hassle or leave annoying marks.

Step 2.

Next, let's work on the head shape for this character. It's a similar head shape to that of a Power Ranger, so mind the little edges which spike out of the various spots of its head.

Step 3.

Now, I know this seems like a lot to work on, but let's tackle this as simple as possible. Using thin line weights, sketch in some of the facial details little by little. I know you might get a little hasty, but try to refrain that urge and work slow   

Step 4.

Then, finish off his helmet by adding more intricate details for his mask. Again, take your time with this.

Step 5.

Next, let's work on the collar of the Warlock. Draw the outside of the collar and then sketch in the little defining lines.

Step 6.

Then, let's work on the body by sketching the shoulders as well as the torso. Take care on working this part as the future steps will depend on how well you drew the torso.

Step 7.

Let's further the progress on the torso by sketching the individual details of the collar as well as the shirt detailing. Remember to use thin line weights.

Step 8.

Lastly, being careful using thin line weights, work on the inner details for the bag strap as well as the texture on the suit.

Step 9.

Once you've revised your sketch, you should ink out the drawing and end up with something very similar to this. I hope this was another fun lesson for you die hard Destiny fans! Thanks for viewing and don't forget to trail behind some feedback on how   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 21, 2015
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Tags: how to draw destiny, how to draw destiny characters
Description: Here is another awesome looking character from the Destiny games. Today I will be showing you how to draw a Warlock from Destiny, step by step. I swear these characters look like they just came from a Marvel Comic magazine They have a Star Wars quality and look to them as the build from a popular comic book character. I had fun with drawing a Warlock and I know you will too.