How to Draw a Telescope

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The first thing we will do is draw the tube shape for the body or design of the telescope like you see here.


Up next, draw in the seam line to the top of the telescope, then draw in the bands and zoom knob in the back.


Next, draw in the shape of the bracket that is attached to the bottom of the telescope for the base or tripod that it sits on.


Here you will draw in the first leg of the tripod stand like so. Then add some seam lines starting at the top of the shaft like so.


Next, draw the two other legs that will complete the design of the tripod stand. Add the proper detailing to the legs, then move to step six.


For the last drawing step you will draw in the stability brackets in the middle of the tripod, then erase the mistakes to complete the tut.


Here is the line art. You can now color in your telescope then add a starry background.

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October 22, 2014

Description: Hi everyone, it's me your friendly Dragoart neighbor. I am back today with some fun lessons that will be on a little bit of everything. I will begin by showing you guys "how to draw a telescope", step by step. The idea for this tutorial came from how much my family star gazes particularly my parents. They have a telescope that they use on the porch whenever it's a clear, blackish-blue sky with infinite stars and the mist of the Milky Way Galaxy. Anyways, I do hope some of you will like this tut. I worked really hard on it and wanted the background to be perfect. You can see the figures in the background which are holiday shaped constellations. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun.

#how to draw stars
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