How to Draw a Spiderweb For Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 7, 2012

Step 1.

Begin the first step just by simply making a round, bold dot like you see here.

Step 2.

Starting from the center of the dot, you will draw each line that should end up coming out like a twinkling star.

Step 3.

Start the process of drawing the mid section of the web. This is the actual part of the web that prey get caught in. Start with slope, then come up again. It's like you are doing a "dip, up" stroke pattern.

Step 4.

Repeat the same process you just completed two more times. The further you go out, the bigger the web appears.

Step 5.

Here is your spiderweb when you are all done. Now add a spider, frog, or what have you to your new web.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 7, 2012
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Description: Halloween is here and so should a nice collection of tutorials for all you novice artists out there like the kids that visit us here at Today I will be bringing you some fun and exciting lessons that will have you itching to get started. To begin, let's learn "how to draw a spiderweb for kids", step by step. The hardest thing about this web when you go to replicate it in your own unique way, is drawing the first spiderweb lines. Because of this you may want to use a ruler if you have a shaky hand. There is only four drawing steps, so you know making a spiderweb of your own is going to be simple. Anyways, That's about it. I want to get my last lesson uploaded before I call it a night. So stay tuned in to see what it will be next. Peace out people!