How to Draw a Spider for Kids

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Make a small to medium sized circle for the head of the spider, and then draw out a larger shape for the body which the head is attached to.


Sketch out the shape of the spiders head, and then draw in sides of the antenna like shapes. When you are done, move to step two.


Color in two adorable eyes, and then draw out the mouth and fangs.


Here you will draw three thick legs on each side of the spiders body. Notice how the legs are bold, and chunky.


Last step is simple guys, just thicken the big circle shape for the back part of the body like so. When you are done you can begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare your spider for color.


Look how simple this lesson was on drawing a spider for kids. Thank you for joining me, and I know you guys did a great job!

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July 11, 2011

Description: Some creepy crawlies can be cute if you create them to be. One of the things I learned about drawing animals in a simple way is that they come out looking so much better, and even cuter than normal. I say this because the lesson you are about to tackle is showing you how easy it is to "draw a spider for kids", step by step. It’s not brain science realizing that drawing spiders is a pretty difficult task to take on. If you look back on some of my early works I think you will find that I too had difficulty drawing spiders in a neat, uniform manner. The more I became better with drawing; I also improved with making a spider look like a spider when I draw them out. Now that I know how it’s done, I want to show others how creating one of these eight legged creatures can be easy enough for anyone to one. So having said all that, I’ll let you get busy as you teach yourself "how to draw a spider for kids". I shall return good people of Dragoart so try and stay tuned in because there is more cute fun on the way.

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