How to Draw a Snake

Artist: Sandy_Candy / January 16, 2013

Step 1.

We won't be using any guidelines for this tutorial. All you have to do for this step is draw his face.

Step 2.

Now we shall draw Mr. Snakes body.

Step 3.

Draw his tail and the rest of the body.

Step 4.

Colour in! There was no guidelines so you don't have to erase anything except any possible mistakes you may have done during this lesson

Step 5.

Add a background to show you care! :)

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Artist: Sandy_Candy
Date Added: January 16, 2013
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Tags: draw snakes, how to draw snakes
Description: This is a tut that was requested by boboe He wanted a tut on an anaconda but I didn't know what it looked like and I was not going to look it up on the net. too lazy. Oh well,I hope you enjoy this!!