How to Draw a Baby Snake


Make an oval shape for the baby snakes head, then draw in the facial guidelines as well as a neck line. You will need to draw out the shape for the lower part of the body which will be used to help you draw the coiled body.




Next up, draw out the large eyes like so, then draw in the the marking line that will separate the two toned colors for the snake. Add some detailing around the eyes, then move to step four.


Color in the pupils, then draw out the markings around the eyes. Draw in the nose and mouth which is in a smiling expression.


We will now attempt to draw out the snakes body starting with the neck. Slowly draw out the body which is coiling around forming a ball.


Lastly, draw out the bottom part of the snake's body, then draw the end part of the snake tail.


Okay guys, you are ready to clean things up by erasing the mistakes. Once that is done you can add the lining to make the marking for the belly of the snake.


Here is what your snake looks like when you're all done. Color it in, and that's it!

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August 6, 2012

Description: Lately I've been feeling like drawing all kinds of baby animals so today I will be upload a couple cute animals based on how they would look in baby form. To start, here is "how to draw a baby snake", step by step. Snakes are one of my favorite animal species and they have always been a favorite of mine. They have this certain mysterious quality to them that really makes them appealing to won and admire. The baby snake that I drew is coiled up in a nice ball with the head being large and well rounded. I was going to draw the ribs on the sides of the body to make it look like a baby cobra, but then I thought nah, better to keep things simple for everyone to tackle. Whenever you draw snakes, and you want to show others how to draw it too, always keep things simple. So enjoy drawing a baby snake, because I know this reptile is a baby animal that folks will love to recreate. Adios mi amigos!

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