How to Draw a Snake Heart, Snake Love

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The first thing you will do is draw a shape for your heart like so, then make the outline of the snakes head as well as the facial guideline.


Using the shape you made for the snakes head, begin drawing out the actual structure for the head too. You will also need to include the eyeball on the left side.


Draw in the slithering tongue, then draw out the other eyeball. Draw and color in the pupils. I chose to go with a simple but unique diamond shape for the pupils. Add the nostrils, then you're done.


You will now sketch out the shape of the snakes coiled body starting under the jaw like you see here. When that is done make sure to draw the tail end of the snake looped over the body.


Finish drawing out the body until you have a fully formed heart with a snakey twist. If you made any mistakes along the way just take the time to erase those now.


Here is your heart snake. You can now add tweaks like scales, sparkles or what have you. Good job folks!

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August 16, 2012

Description: Here is another cool concept that a member suggested that I do. I was asked if I could make another heart tutorial using a snake in some way. So after thingking about it, I came up with what you see here. Today you will learn "how to draw a snake heart", step by step. The jungle background theme is supposed to represent how savage the love is and also how hot and steamy the passion is. I say hot and steamy because as you know the tropical places that snakes are found can sometimes be humid and very warm. Places like the rain-forest jungle, as well as the tropical jungles in others areas like Cuba. Anyways, this tutorial rally came out super awesome and I love how easy it will be to recreate. You can easily draw a snake heart in just a few minutes just by following this tut. I will return in a while with more fun for you all. Peace out and like always, enjoy!

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