How to Draw a Sleigh For Kids

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Make a seat like shape for your sled or sleigh. The shape should look like a deformed banana.


Using the shape you just made, you will need to draw the nice thick trim or molding on the edges of the sleigh.


Draw the base of the sleigh, which looks like it cups the whole thing. At this point the sled looks like a seat, and it should.


You will now draw the base or blades for the sleigh like so, and make sure that the ends from front to back are curled or swirled at the tip.


Last but not least, draw the big sack of toys and the tip of a Christmas tree. After all, Santa also gives the unfortunate trees if they don't have one. Erase your mistakes, then you're done.


Here is your perfect sleigh for Christmas time. Color it in and you're done.

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December 14, 2012

Description: I know the few sleds I have on Drago aren't the easiest things to draw, so I went ahead and made a tutorial on "how to draw a sleigh for kids", step by step. There is nothing left to talk about when it comes to sleds or sleighs, but if there is one thing thing I will say about these snow mobile forms of transportation it is, they look extremely fun to ride in. Of course I'm not talking about floating or flying in the air being pulled by reindeer. I'm talking about how fun it would be to ride in a sleigh as it's pulled by a horse or a couple of snow dogs. I think all you novice artists out there will have a blast with drawing a sleigh for kids. You can add your own personal touches if you want, that's all up to you.

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