How to Draw a Skull and Snake, Skull and Snake Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / June 17, 2012

Step 1.

Start off with a circle for the guide shape of the skull, then draw a small shape for the head of the snake. You will need to sketch in a facial guide as well.

Step 2.

Begin forming out the shape of the skull head, then draw out the eye socket holes, then draw the bridge bone for the nose.

Step 3.

Next, draw the top part of the skull's upper mouth, then add all the top teeth including the one fang that is visible. Draw the nose holes, then draw the prominent cheek bone. Add some shading on the jaw then you can proceed to step four.

Step 4.

You are almost there guys. Here all you have to do is draw in the actual eyeball, then color in the pupil. Draw the snake head as well as the jaw for the snake which is in an open pose. Add detailing to the snakes neck, then you can add detailing to    

Step 5.

Well guys after this step you only have one more step to go. Draw the bottom jaw and make sure to add the clef in the chin bone. Draw the snakes tongue, then sketch in the scales, fangs, and some of the cracks on the skulls bones.

Step 6.

You will draw the rest of the body for the snake like so, then sketch in the scales as well as the rest of the cracks on the skull. Erase the mistakes as well as the guidelines and shapes.

Step 7.

This is what your drawing looks like now that you are all done. Color in your drawing to complete this sketch on drawing a skull and snake.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 17, 2012
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Description: Here is a wicked cool tattoo design that I really like. I wanted to add something fun and exciting to the front page of the site so here it is, "how to draw a skull and snake", step by step. The skull design came from one of the previous drawings I did on a skull the only difference with this skull is there's an actual mouth, as well as a bottom jaw. You will also notice that this skull concept is a little more detailed and defined. When you draw out the skull all you will have to do is incorporate the snake slithering through and around the skull. Anyway this will be a very cool tutorial to tackle especially if you like tattoos, and or tattoo art. I will zip it now so you folks can get started with drawing something cool. So be sure to enjoy yourselves and have an awesome time today here on