How to Draw a Shadow Cat, Shadow Kitty


Begin by making your first circle shape for the head of the Sonic style kitty. Sketch in the face guides and move to step two.


Thicken the shape of Shadow kitty's head and incorporate the cat style ears too.


Here you will start using the facial guides to draw out the large slanted eyes. The lining for the eyes should be bold, the eyeballs themselves should have a lighter stroke. Detail inside of the ears and move along people!


This is a simple step because all you have to do is draw in the muzzle of the kitty. Make a half moon shape for the snout and draw in the nose and mouth.


Keep on truckin guys because you are almost done. All you have to do here is draw in the the three chunks of hair which slopes at the tips. This is going to help make your kitty look like Shadow. Add some detailing, and then draw the hairline on the    


You will now get busy with drawing the outline of the body shape and make sure that the center has a slit line drawn in for the legs. Make some markings on the sides of each leg before leaving this step.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in some chest fuzz and then draw the back end as well as the curled tail. Don't forget to draw the toe lines on each visible paw. Clean up your drawing and you have just tackled and completed ano   


Look how awesome Shadow kitty looks now that you are all done. Your only job now is to color him in and that's it.

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December 20, 2011

Description: It’s no secret that people love the tutorials on all the different types of kitties that I have been creating. Today I will take the advice of a member and show you all "how to draw Shadow kitty", step by step. As you can see this kitty version is based on the fictional video game character Shadow the Hedgehog. The design concept came out so epic and I know for a fact that all you Sonic fans are going to love this lesson that will actually show you how it’s done when it comes to drawing Shadow kitty. I kept the same ground colors for Shadow which is the black, red and yellow, and I also managed to keep that sharp snicker on this kitty’s face which is supposed to mimic the real thing. I think you will find this tutorial easy, fun, and very entertaining. If there is another Sonic character that you would like to see as a kitty, just drop me a request and I will see what I can do. For now, I have to bounce out of here so I can get the other tutorials uploaded for you all. Peace out and enjoy!

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